by Fraternal Twin



Originally released: October 14, 2016

Recorded June and November 2015
at Salvation Recording Co.|New Paltz, NY
Engineered & produced by Christopher Daly
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe

Tom Christie: guitar, vocals, synthesizer
David Grimaldi: bass guitar
Max Restaino: drums
Leslie Bear: vocals (tracks 2, 3, 6, 8)| guitar solo (track 1)
Silas Reidy: lap steel (tracks 2, 5)
Aaron Maine: synthesizer (tracks 1, 2, 6, 9)|2nd guitar (track 6)
Jamal Ruhe: vocals (track 3)

Track 7 mixed by Leslie Bear

Cover art by Kimberly Christie
Design by Tim Woulfe

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For the past several years, Tom Christie has been arranging an ever-twisting and shifting song of his own. Beginning in New York's Hudson Valley where he grew up, Tom fleshed out the soft and intricate songs that became the first Fraternal Twin album 'Skin Gets Hot.' Released quietly in the spring of 2015, the album passed from fan to fan and developed a cult reputation based on its uniquely intimate display of raw emotion.

Around this time, Christie got together a steady backing band comprised of Max Restaino on drums and David Grimaldi on bass. Together, they formed a much-needed backbone for the songs that Tom was writing while moving back and forth between upstate New York and a newly-adopted home in New Jersey. Before the year was done they were back in the studio at Salvation Recording Co. (New Paltz, NY) with engineer/producer Chris Daly along with past collaborators Leslie Bear (Long Beard), Aaron Maine (Porches) and Silas Reidy (Izzy True) to record the follow-up to 'Skin Gets Hot.'

As it turns out, 'Homeworlding' is an impressively natural progression from their debut. In the span of just under a half hour we hear Fleetwood Mac-indebted pop songs, Tom Verlaine-esque guitar leads, ambient composition and watery folk songs quickly passing by in a way that demands repeat listens in order to fully comprehend the depth of the lyrics and songwriting. And while these components all seem disparate on paper, they’re tied together by a very specific sensibility. You could call it an astral peace or a zen headspace, but the commonality throughout 'Homeworlding' is the acceptance of the vast world around you and the fact that your own fate is nearly always out of your control. The wind tugs at your arm—or the thing you threw rolls right back.. and all you can do is just let it happen.


released July 12, 2017



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